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Did you know you cannot protest your tax assessment if you owe property taxes.

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REV TAX Group Helps Texas Homeowners

When Texas residents find themselves in trouble and are unable to pay their property taxes, they can count on us to provide an affordable solution to pay their property taxes and keep their property. REV Tax Group offers low-interest and hassle-free tax loans. We’re the most reliable lender for Texas property tax loans.

If you have received a notice from your county appraisal district related to the appraised value of your property, this means you will have to pay higher property taxes as well. If you believe the increased value is too high then you have the right to appeal your property value and pay lower property taxes. State law suggests a procedure to protest the new appraised value of your property. Real estate tax protesting process needs to be handled by a licensed tax consultant in the State of Texas.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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The county's market value for our home was  over-inflated and he was able to have the tax authority reduce the value by more than $27,000.  REV Tax Group's services are certainly worth the cost, prices are very reasonable, and no charge if they are not successful. Highly recommend!

Kelly Ensanian

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I purchased property in 2020 then started to build shortly after. They have been amazing at helping us contest our taxes for the last 1 year. He has been able to bring down our taxes each year. Being a new build, Allen has over taxed us each year for the past 1 years. They  have not yet to let us down. Happy clients ! Highly recommend!

Ronald price

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It has handled my property tax protests in multiple counties for several years now.  I have been very satisfied with my results. The entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and does whatever research is necessary to achieve ultimate results.  I trust them with all of my property tax needs. Honesty and integrity are what you get with them.

Alexander Bond